Alpha Path-Moves (Beta Version)

Code: The could could be download here.
Documentation: The most recent documentation could found here.
Min. Requirements:

  • 64-bit machine
  • C++11 Compiler (Library was only test on only Windows platform, so far)
  • GPU: at least 2Gb and CUDA architecture sm_30 or higher
  • Cmake v3.9.4 or higher (to compile)
  • VS2017 (this requirement will be dropped in the near future).
Supported Interfaces:
  • C++
  • Matlab (near future)
  • Python (near future)

NOTE: (regarding beta version)

Currently, main.cpp tries to load some 3D unit-tests (which require VS2017). Unfortunately, those unit-tests can not be public. Nonetheless, If you are familiar with the HINTS segmentation model, Hedgehog shape prior and read the library documentation, you can easily build your HINTS instances and solve them using the AlphaPathMoves Library. In the near future, we will release 2D illustrative examples showing how to use the library and VS2017 will no longer be a requirement.


This work was supported, in part, by NIH NIBIB research grant EB004640.